Reality Is That It Will Be 2021

Even by December of 2020, attending large in-person events will

only be reaching a 'moderate' risk level.  So, yes.  Conferences, festivals,

large name it...are not happening until 2021.  Virtual events

are cemented into our future, even when in-person events are allowed

to move forward.  So, we must work together to become comfortable

in this new online world and create community connection!

It's a good thing we're known for fun, productive events!


Our focus is now FIVE KEY AREAS:


1/ Creating new online event concepts for others

2/ Zoom Event Training

3/ Designing our own virtual events

4/ Event safety plans for in-person events 

5/ Helping move in-person events online

Are we still here to help you with in-person events?  Absolutely.  

There are a variety of ways to do so safely.

With 40+ Years of Combined Experience

My team has worked locally, nationally and internationally

on festivals, conferences, weddings, speaking tours, book launches, singles events, house concerts, venue management and more.  

In other words, we hold your hand and get your event done right.

These are changing times and I'm here to answer any questions

you have about how to best stay connected with those who

matter through unique, memorable events!


Looking forward,

Tara Lehman

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