Complimentary Consultation

Curious about how we can assist with your event?

Book a complimentary 15 minute call to discuss your vision and needs. 

Hourly Consulting


Sometimes you just need another event professional to brainstorm fresh ideas with. 

This is a cost-effective method because you're only investing in what you need vs. a full event contract.  

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Full Event Execution

Want to leave the heavy lifting to event professionals so you can focus on the rest of life?  We've helped with in-person, virtual and hybrid events of all kinds, and that means you can confidently leave your event in our hands!

Dedicated to bringing people together in a way that makes lives simple, we're a boutique event production and coaching service team with 40+ years collective experience.  Embracing the new event landscape with the right ideas, our passion for event coordinating makes your vision a reality.

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