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Co-Author, Janessa Ward

About 5 years ago, I was offered a position to teach Event Management at a College in Kelowna. With a very enthusiastic yes, I began studying the curriculum and then, 2 weeks later, I had to move to the other side of the country. It was for the best of reasons but still, I was sad that I had to let the teaching opportunity slide.

Hence my excitement that an Event Management student recently reached out to me asking if she could intern with me!

Imagine that. Someone going to school so they can learn to work in what is a beyond bruised industry right now. That's called a ray of future events sunshine!

Countless event professionals are wandering the streets, wondering when their livelihood will return, yet there's a young generation refusing to run from the virtual classrooms. So, here I am introducing you to my intern and guest author today: Janessa Ward. What you read below is her experience from a student perspective, and I believe she's nailed it1

" Studying any industry in such unknown and unprecedented times definitely leaves students with the fear of inconsistency and failure. In school they continue to teach and prepare us for “once the pandemic is over”, but what if the industry is never the same again?

As a student, I'm working to focus my energy and passion for the industry on what event planners can do vs. what they can’t with the given restrictions. The reality is, will the energy and passion be enough? Pursuing a new career path is of course very exciting but also risky, especially if you're not guaranteed a job. I often ask myself why I chose the path I did - why not choose something that is common but can also secure employment upon graduation?

The answer is simple: The events world offers a work environment like no other.

Reflecting on how events were impacted in 2020 provides a unique and adapting outlook on the changes that were made. Technology has now become such a vital piece of hosting events and recently the term hybrid event has been thrown around quite a bit..The problem is that many people don't understand the ideology behind hybrid events. If you take the benefits of virtual events such as inclusivity and flexibility, then add that to in-person events, you can create this so called hybrid opportunity for participants both near and far. Catering to all attendees' needs and wants while providing both in-person and virtual opportunities. As the availability of vaccines increases, I think the industry will change again in 2021, as it will shift to hybrid events, in hopes of regaining the human socialization piece the industry is currently missing.

Society has been hanging on to the fact that this pandemic will end and everything will be the way it once was. Realistically, there are some lifelong changes this pandemic has brought us, which is just something we have to accept and use to our advantage in the future!"

Thank you Janessa for offering your thoughts.

Even the most seasoned event coordinators have become students again, looking for that passing grade in this new age as they painstakingly figure out what works and what doesn't.

Janessa and I will keep you up to date on 2021 projects soon - Happy Holidays!

Tara Lehman

Event Consultant, Certified Virtual Event Coordinator and Amazon Best-Seller

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