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We Will Prevail

We believe live events will prevail because humans share a fundamental need to remain connected. The world is slowly re-opening enough for us to feel that connection however, if you're look to plan and/or attend an in person person, it will likely be limited to domestic only and even then, need to have a very strong reason to go ahead.


Virtual and hybrid events were of course happening prior to Covid-19 - it just took most of us being locked inside to bring them to the forefront. Their perks extend far beyond health and safety reasons but the larger the crowd now that we have an extra layer of a virus added on, the more likely it is that something can go wrong. But I'm not trying to be a Negative Nellie here. If you feel your event must have an in-person element to it, then hybrid is the way to go, hands down and they can be very successful, if not more successful than in-person only.

Hybrid = a combination of virtual and in-person aspects, and in full-out honesty, since you're planning two events in one they can provide extra work. So, you really need a strong team in place that understands the new event landscape. Perhaps you have an in-house event planning team, maybe you need to hire an event consultant or if it's just you alone doing it, all I can say is research, research, research.

Done the right way, a hybrid event can offer more exposure and more income vs. virtual only it you have a well-thought out vision and the understanding of logistics, content, safety and what it takes to be memorable. In no particular order.

NOTE: I've seen research which suggests a majority of organizations are stumped when it comes to engagement, with 57% reporting it to be their top challenge. ***That's what your event requires - hybrid or not.***

I enjoy helping people explore their event options. No two events are the same, so it's far from boring and allows me to meet so many interesting people. Kicking people in the butt to learn the basics of virtual and hybrid events is a lot of what I'm up to these days and if you like, please book a consult with me so we can chat about what it is you need in an event consultant. If I'm not the gal to help you, I will tell you!


Thanks for reading along! I hope it gave you a solid snapshot as to what a hybrid event is and stay tuned for other articles and videos coming out soon!

Tara Lehman

Event Consultant/Amazon Best-Seller/ Certified Virtual Event Coordinator


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