Alan has teamed up with us on several occasions and never let's us down with his captivating story-telling and, of course, music!  Join our virtual fireside chat discussing his career - both musically and as an author - with how he embraces shifting his music, business and passions onto virtual platforms.  Alan is a superb, inspirational speaker with a range of advice and talent that far exceeds what you've seen at a concert, leaving you with a new outlook on how to embrace your personal and professional life!


Note:  Ticket price may be subject to change at a higher price once date and full details are released.  If you purchase a ticket in advance, despite the date not set in stone as of yet, and you choose to not join us, your ticket is fully refundable. *SEE TICKET DETAILS SECTION

Virtual Fireside Chat: Alan Frew of Glass Tiger

  • Ticket price may be subject to change at a higher price once full details are released.

    Purchase your ticket at $49 now and receive a refund up to 48 hours in advance should the date/content of the event not be of interest to you.

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