Virtual Event Training Sessions & Events

Hosted by Tara Lehman; Certified Virtual Event Coordinator

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"Great training format Tara, thank you!  In one hour, my employees definetly learned new online networking skills!"  

~Susan P., Zoom Up! Training Attendee

"Tara was professional, informative and warm.

Thanks Tara for a great intro to Virtual Events 

at the very time when we are all moving

in this direction!"

~ Maureen Lymburner,

Virtual Event Planning 101 Attendee

Virtual events are tripling in our socially-distanced world and understanding them is becoming expected.  These regular sessions showcase a range of virtual event logistics from delivering your best content, making sponsors happy, fostering collaboration, understanding hybrid and so much more that put you in the ranks of someone who throws a fantastic event!
FAQ:  Events hosted in St. John's, Newfoundland via Zoom

Dedicated to bringing people together in a way that makes lives simple, we're a boutique event production and coaching service team with 40+ years collective experience.  Embracing the new event landscape with the right ideas, our passion for event coordinating makes your vision a reality.

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