Virtual Dinner & Concert Series.png

Here's The Music Scene 

You're Missing!

Hosting at least one virtual concert per week,

it's the new wave of house parties!

Check out this video for just a tease of what they're like.  If you attend

one of our shows and don't end up liking it more than you imagined,

we will refund your ticket!





There are two sets of music we enjoy as an entire group, just as you 

would at a concert. THEN, in-between sets, we place guests in private virtual rooms

with their friends so they have the comfort of relaxing and laughing with people

they know vs. those they don't!  Coming by yourself?  Don't worry, we'll have you chatting

with all kinds of people as well.  You'd be amazed how many people

unexpectedly see old friends!



If you aren't familiar with Zoom, please note that you do not need

an account to enjoy the event.  If you are using your phone or tablet, easily download

the free app and if you are using your computer, you do not require an app.